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Knight Life: Capture the Flag
School-wide games of Capture the Flag and Festival Days occur five times each year.

Capture the Flag pits two opposing sides on the field of battle. Each side is comprised of temporarily allied houses, which may in the next game turn on each other, for such are the feeble alliances of men.

The object of one side is to retrieve the flags of the two opposing houses, venturing deep into enemy territory where, if they are caught, they may languish in jail until freed by a teammate or the game ends.

Although carrying the flag across the line is a feat of valor worthy of the most winged words, it is often a freed jail that elicits the more raucous cries of victory from the mouths of young men. And at the end of the day those exploits are rewarded with the Telling of the Tale, where one's name lives forever in the woven words of glory announced before the assembly.

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